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The paperback option is the new 2017 Edition of the 'Fujoshi' series with the exclusive "Drawn To You" one-shot by Joberu.

The digital copy is the 2017 Edition of the 'Fujoshi' series.

The digital copy does not include the print exclusive "Drawn To You" by Joberu.


Misa Nanase is a normal senior high school student except for the fact that she is a self-proclaimed ultimate-mega-ultra-omnipotent fujoshi queen of the intergalactic multiverse. One fateful day, she saves an old lady from getting hit by a car. In return, the old lady gives her an ocean green pendant and mentions that she can make any wish using it. Later on, the curiosity of the fujoshi gets the best of Misa...and she wishes to become a guy!


Print Exclusive story, "Drawn To You" by Joberu is included in the book.

Dust Jacket is included.

The book is A5 size with more than 150 pages.

4 Chapters + Extra Story
Black and White pages / One Chapter FULL color.

This item is for adult 18+ ONLY.

All Sales are Final once the item is shipped.

No returns or exchanges. Before you order, make sure you are 100% sure! Sleep on it and think about it before purchasing!

Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body Volume 1 PLUS+ Edition

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